Powerstories Voices of Youth Theatre Festival

On July 19 – August 1, Powerstories will give youth playwrights– ages 8 to 18 – a live or virtual stage with the debut of the Voices of Youth Theatre Festival. 

For our young creative artists who are interested in presenting a shorter script or original performance piece for a scene, monologue, spoken word, original song, or dance (with original music) we’re excited to offer a live virtual showcase as part of the Voices of Youth Theatre Festival. 

For play submission, we are open to all subjects that feature young performers, and special consideration is given to plays that present diverse casting. If you have a concept in mind but aren’t comfortable directing your work, do not let that hold you back from submitting. We will find a director for you.

For our virtual showcase of shorter performance pieces (written for monologues, scenes, and spoken word artists), we are open to all subjects. For singers and dancers, music must be original and family-friendly. If you don’t fall into any of these categories, but still have a piece that you want to present, please submit your registration under “Other.” We’re excited to see something we haven’t thought of before or that is brand new to the performing arts.

Submit now through May 15, 2021! The registration fee is $10 and scholarships are available!

Learn more at https://powerstories.com/voices-of-youth-festival/

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