Production Dates and Contacts 2020

TheatreProductionOpen DateClose DateContact Info
Early Bird Dinner TheatreThe Wild Women of Winedale 1/4/202/23/20susan.ebdt@yahoo.com
Innovocative TheatreA Shayna Maidel1/9/201/19/20innovocativetheatre@gmail.com
Tampa Rep The (Curious Case of the) Watson Intelligence1/10/201/26/20cdfrankel@tamparep.org
Jobsite TheaterA Midsummer Night’s Dream1/17/202/9/20djenkins@jobsitetheater.org
Freefall TheatreMarie and Rosetta1/18/202/16/20 727-498-5205
American StageSkeleton Crew1/22/202/23/20(727) 823-7529
Theatre One(STILL TBD IF WE ARE JUDGING) Venus in Fur1/23/202/16/20TheatreOneTix@gmail.com (Steven Bell)
St Pete OperaRigoletto1/24/201/28/20(727) 823-2040 
Stageworks TheatreMorningside2/7/202/23/20(813) 374-2416
Opera Tampa (STILL TBD IF WE ARE JUDGING) Carmen2/7/202/9/20Melissa.Misener@strazcenter.org
Powerstories TheatreWorking2/20/203/8/20Fran@powerstories.com
Freefall TheatreLone Star Spirits2/29/203/29/20 727-498-5205
Early Bird Dinner TheatreA Comedy of Tenors3/7/204/26/20susan.ebdt@yahoo.com
American StageThe People Downstairs3/11/204/5/20(727) 823-7529
St Pete OperaCreative Collaborations3/13/203/14/20(727) 823-2040 
Jobsite TheaterDoubt: A ParableTBDTBDdjenkins@jobsitetheater.org
Opera Tampa(STILL TBD IF WE ARE JUDGING) The Pirates of Penzance3/13/203/15/20Melissa.Misener@strazcenter.org
Stageworks Theatre12 Angry Men3/20/204/5/20(813) 374-2416
American StageFootloose4/15/205/17/20(727) 823-7529
Powerstories TheatreKalamazoo4/16/205/3/20Fran@powerstories.com
Opera Tampa(STILL TBD IF WE ARE JUDGING) Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida4/24/204/26/20Melissa.Misener@strazcenter.org
Freefall TheatreDear World4/25/205/24/20 727-498-5205
Stageworks TheatreAnna in The Tropics5/1/205/17/20(813) 374-2416
Early Bird Dinner TheatreAll Bark, No Bite5/9/206/14/20susan.ebdt@yahoo.com
Jobsite TheaterThe Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui5/15/206/7/20djenkins@jobsitetheater.org
American StageAdmissions5/27/206/28/20(727) 823-7529
Tampa Rep King Lear5/29/206/14/20cdfrankel@tamparep.org
Stageworks Theatre25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee6/5/206/21/20(813) 374-2416
Freefall TheatreOz6/27/207/26/20 727-498-5205
St Pete OperaPops Spectacular7/3/207/5/20(727) 823-2040 
American StageNext to Normal7/15/208/16/20(727) 823-7529
Jobsite TheaterAnimals Out of Paper7/17/208/9/20djenkins@jobsitetheater.org
Innovocative TheatreBoy Gets Girl7/30/208/9/20innovocativetheatre@gmail.com

Show Surveys

Aeon Life Theatre

  1. The Wild Party

American Stage

  1. Vietgone
  2. Silent Sky
  3. Skeleton Crew
  4. The People Downstairs 
  5. Admissions
  6. Next to Normal

Early Bird Dinner Theatre

  1. Steel Magnolias
  2. Spirit Level
  3. The Wild Women of Winedale
  4. A Comedy of Tenors
  5. All Bark, No Bite

freeFall Theatre

  1. The Turn of The Screw 
  2. The Lion in Winter
  3. Marie and Rosetta 
  4.  Lone Star Spirits
  5. Dear World
  6. Oz

Innovocative Theatre

  1. A Shayna Maidel
  2. Boy Gets Girl

Jobsite Theatre

  1. Meteor Shower
  2. The Thanksgiving Play
  3. A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  4. Doubt: A Parable
  5. The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui
  6. Animals Out of Paper

Opera Tampa

  1. The Four Italian Tenors: Viva Italia
  2. Georges Bizet’s Carmen
  3. The Pirates of Penzance
  4. Aida

Powerstories Theatre

  1. Sonia Flew
  2. Working
  3. Kalamazoo

Stageworks Theatre

  1. Wait Until Dark 
  2. Ordinary Days
  3. Morningside
  4. 12 Angry Men
  5. Anna in The Tropics
  6. 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

St. Petersburg Opera

  1. The Merry Widow 
  2. Pinocchio
  3. Holiday Sparkle
  4. Rigoletto
  5. Creative Collaborations
  6. Pops Spectacular
  7. Broadway Cabaret
  8. La Fille Du Regiment


  1. Dinner with Friends
  2. The (Curious Case of the) Watson Intelligence
  3. King Lear

Judges Contact and Tenure

Judging Chair/Board Coordinator- Kim Rosenthal  

KimberlyRosenthal0312@gmail.com (813) 239-7055


2019- 2020 Judges Panel


Dewey Davis-Thompson (Alternate) (Term ends 2018 – 2019) – Dewey@Davis-Thompson.com

Peter Balaskas (Term ends 2019 – 2020) – exmachinapab@aol.com

Patrick Brafford (Term ends 2020 – 2021)gulfportplb@gmail.com

Peggy Huey (Term ends 2020 – 2021) –  hueypj@verizon.net

Bridget Bean writetobridget@gmail.com

John Burchett , (813) 892-5095

Tom Sivak sivak.tom@gmail.com

Briana Larson- brianna@bluebutterflyproductions.org

2018 Judges Panel

Jon Palmer Claridge (Term ends 2017 – 2018) – arts.jpc@gmail.com

David Warner (Term ends 2017 – 2018) – dwarner@southcomm.com

Dewey Davis-Thompson (Term ends 2018 – 2019) – Dewey@Davis-Thompson.com

Ryan Bernier (Term ends 2019 – 2020) – ryanarthurbern@yahoo.com

Tom Sivak (Term ends 2019 – 2020)  – sivak.tom@gmail.com

Peter Balaskas (Term ends 2019 – 2020) – exmachinapab@aol.com


2016-2017 Judges Panel

Bridget Bean (Term ends 2016 – 2017) –  writetobridget@gmail.com 

David Warner (Term ends 2017 – 2018) – dwarner@southcomm.com

Peter Nason (Term ends 2016 – 2017) – vermeer38@aol.com

Jon Palmer Claridge (Term ends 2017 – 2018) – arts.jpc@gmail.com

Patrick Brafford (Term ends 2016 – 2017) – gulfportplb@gmail.com

Elizabeth Brincklow (Term ends 2017 – 2018)- elizabeth@brincklow.com

Christine Craft (Term ends 2018 – 2019) – craft.christie@gmail.com

Dewey Davis-Thompson (Term ends 2018 – 2019) – Dewey@Davis-Thompson.com

Sherrie Ahlin (Term ends 2018 – 2019) – shahlin@rocketmail.com

Julia Smith (Term ends 2018 – 2019) – Smith.Julia963@gmail.com

Board Coordinator – John Burchett , (813) 892-5095


The Judges Pledge

As a judge for Theatre Tampa Bay Awards Awards, I promise to:

  • Make every effort to attend the opening weekend of each show.

  • Submit my ballot within 24 hours of seeing the show.

  • Evaluate all productions with complete impartiality.

  • Focus only on what is happening on that particular stage during that specific performance without introducing any comparisons into my deliberations.

  • Rely on taste, discernment, evaluative, analytical, and inquisitive skills to rigorously judge based on my breadth of experience with Tampa Bay theatre.

  • Be open and receptive to new experiences.

  • Attend an initial judge orientation and any subsequent judge meetings during the year, if necessary.

  • Attend all eligible shows (at least 40 – 45 shows per year).

  • Refrain from discussing a show with ANYONE prior to submitting my ballot.

  • Refrain from discussing how I specifically scored any piece of work.

  • Refrain from suggesting to anyone that I believe/know any information about any nomination or award, as information about any nomination or award is factually impossible to know in advance of any announcement.

  • Refrain from reading any/all published reviews until after my ballot has been submitted.

  • Shun and reject any/all hearsay or theatre gossip when completing my ballot.

  • Exercise discretion and bring no expectation of any special treatment at any theatre I attend as a judge.

  • Arrive within ten minutes of curtain time and remain for the entirety of the production.

  • I also understand that if I miss three scheduled and confirmed attendances, my term may be discontinued.

Weekly E-News

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