For the 2020-2021 there is an abbreviated ballot. Please use the links below.


Production Dates and Contacts

TheatreProductionOpen DateClose DateContact Info
Early Bird Dinner TheaterKitchen Witches10/24/2012/6/20susan.ebdt@yahoo.com
Lab TheaterLies (Virtual Option Available)11/5/2011/22/20labthrproject@gmail.com
American StageKate, the Unexamined Life of Katherine Hepburn (Virtual)11/11/2011/19/20(727) 823-7529
Jobsite TheaterTwilight: Los Angeles, 1992 11/17/2012/2/20djenkins@jobsitetheater.org
Tampa RepI and You11/22/2011/25/20esargent@tamparep.org
American StageNosotros La Gente (We The People) 12/2/2012/20/20(727) 823-7529
American StageIt’s a Wonderful Life A Live Radio Play12/18/2012/27/20(727) 823-7529
Early Bird Dinner TheaterOver the River and Through the Woods1/7/212/28/21susan.ebdt@yahoo.com
Jobsite TheaterHenry V1/15/212/7/21djenkins@jobsitetheater.org
Early Bird Dinner TheaterA Comedy of Tenors3/6/214/18/21susan.ebdt@yahoo.com
Jobsite TheaterA Clockwork Orange: A Play With Music3/19/214/11/21djenkins@jobsitetheater.org
Jobsite TheaterShockheaded Peter4/30/215/23/21djenkins@jobsitetheater.org
Early Bird Dinner TheaterAll Bark, No Bite5/1/216/13/21susan.ebdt@yahoo.com
Early Bird Dinner TheaterLove, Loss and What I Wore6/26/217/18/21susan.ebdt@yahoo.com
Jobsite TheaterHand to God7/9/218/1/21djenkins@jobsitetheater.org
Jobsite TheaterDr. Ride’s American Beach House9/8/2110/3/21djenkins@jobsitetheater.org
Jobsite TheaterDr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde10/22/2111/21/21djenkins@jobsitetheater.org
Innovocative TheaterUnderneath the LintelN/aN/a 
StageworksSylviaTBD (813) 374-2416
StageworksAmerican SonTBD (813) 374-2416
StageworksThe Lady from HavanaTBD (813) 374-2416
StageworksThe Lifespan of a FactTBD (813) 374-2416

Judges Contact and Tenure

Judging Chair/Board Coordinator- Kim Rosenthal  

KimberlyRosenthal0312@gmail.com (813) 239-7055

2020-2021Judges Panel 

Dewey Davis-Thompson (Alternate)  – Dewey@Davis-Thompson.com

Peggy Huey  –  hueypj@verizon.net

Bridget Bean- writetobridget@gmail.com

Tom Sivak- sivak.tom@gmail.com

Briana Larson- brianna@bluebutterflyproductions.org

2019- 2020 Judges Panel 

Dewey Davis-Thompson (Alternate)  – Dewey@Davis-Thompson.com

Peter Balaskas (Term ends 2019 – 2020) – exmachinapab@aol.com

Patrick Brafford (Term ends 2020 – 2021)gulfportplb@gmail.com

Peggy Huey (Term ends 2020 – 2021) –  hueypj@verizon.net

Bridget Bean writetobridget@gmail.com

John Burchett , (813) 892-5095

Tom Sivak sivak.tom@gmail.com

Briana Larson- brianna@bluebutterflyproductions.org

2018 Judges Panel

Jon Palmer Claridge (Term ends 2017 – 2018) – arts.jpc@gmail.com

David Warner (Term ends 2017 – 2018) – dwarner@southcomm.com

Dewey Davis-Thompson (Term ends 2018 – 2019) – Dewey@Davis-Thompson.com

Ryan Bernier (Term ends 2019 – 2020) – ryanarthurbern@yahoo.com

Tom Sivak (Term ends 2019 – 2020)  – sivak.tom@gmail.com

Peter Balaskas (Term ends 2019 – 2020) – exmachinapab@aol.com


2016-2017 Judges Panel

Bridget Bean (Term ends 2016 – 2017) –  writetobridget@gmail.com 

David Warner (Term ends 2017 – 2018) – dwarner@southcomm.com

Peter Nason (Term ends 2016 – 2017) – vermeer38@aol.com

Jon Palmer Claridge (Term ends 2017 – 2018) – arts.jpc@gmail.com

Patrick Brafford (Term ends 2016 – 2017) – gulfportplb@gmail.com

Elizabeth Brincklow (Term ends 2017 – 2018)- elizabeth@brincklow.com

Christine Craft (Term ends 2018 – 2019) – craft.christie@gmail.com

Dewey Davis-Thompson (Term ends 2018 – 2019) – Dewey@Davis-Thompson.com

Sherrie Ahlin (Term ends 2018 – 2019) – shahlin@rocketmail.com

Julia Smith (Term ends 2018 – 2019) – Smith.Julia963@gmail.com

Board Coordinator – John Burchett , (813) 892-5095


The Judges Pledge

As a judge for Theatre Tampa Bay Awards Awards, I promise to:

  • Make every effort to attend the opening weekend of each show.

  • Submit my ballot within 24 hours of seeing the show.

  • Evaluate all productions with complete impartiality.

  • Focus only on what is happening on that particular stage during that specific performance without introducing any comparisons into my deliberations.

  • Rely on taste, discernment, evaluative, analytical, and inquisitive skills to rigorously judge based on my breadth of experience with Tampa Bay theatre.

  • Be open and receptive to new experiences.

  • Attend an initial judge orientation and any subsequent judge meetings during the year, if necessary.

  • Attend all eligible shows (at least 40 – 45 shows per year).

  • Refrain from discussing a show with ANYONE prior to submitting my ballot.

  • Refrain from discussing how I specifically scored any piece of work.

  • Refrain from suggesting to anyone that I believe/know any information about any nomination or award, as information about any nomination or award is factually impossible to know in advance of any announcement.

  • Refrain from reading any/all published reviews until after my ballot has been submitted.

  • Shun and reject any/all hearsay or theatre gossip when completing my ballot.

  • Exercise discretion and bring no expectation of any special treatment at any theatre I attend as a judge.

  • Arrive within ten minutes of curtain time and remain for the entirety of the production.

  • I also understand that if I miss three scheduled and confirmed attendances, my term may be discontinued.

Weekly E-News

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