Powerstories Kid & Kid-at-Heart Talent Showcase

On July 29 – 31, enjoy 5 plays and musicals written, directed, produced and acted in by young performers.

Join from July 29-August 1, 2021! Virtual shows are available from debut night until August 5 to enjoy! Live show will be recorded and available online through August 5.

The event is $10 for two shows on Thursday & Friday, and $5 for one show on Saturday.

Thursday, July 29 – 8 pm ($10)

PLAY – Live in Theatre/then available the next day Pre-Recorded “The Schemer and the Alien” by Christiana Golian, age 16 (Florida) &
PLAY – Pre-Recorded “Staged Delights and Frights” by Julia McComiskey, age 10 (New York)

Friday, July 30 – 8 pm ($10)
PLAY – Pre-Recorded “The Magic Pencil,” by Dreamer’s Teatro Crew: Olegario Pedro Lopez, age 16, Alexander Pedro Lopez, age 13, Nani Denning, age 13, Leilani Denning, age 13, and Israel Colón, age 15 (Florida) &
MUSICAL – Pre-Recorded “Dear Pen Pal” by Annie Brown, age 18 (Oklahoma)

Saturday, July 31 – 8 pm ($5)

PLAY – Pre-Recorded “Super Z” by Zda Sumbillo, age 10 (The Philippines)
FREE – KID & KID-AT-HEART TALENT SHOWCASE: Live on Zoom emceed by Powerstories’ 2020 ShineBright Talent Competition winner, spoken word artist Samantha Bollinger

Sunday, August 1 – 8 pm
FREE – Festival Closing Celebration and Playwright Talk Back: Live on Zoom – 8 pm

Tickets are available now. www.powerstories.com/voices-of-youth-theatre-festival

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