Women in Spotlight: Fran Powers, Founder, and Executive Artistic Director – Powerstories Theatre

Fran Powers is the founder of Powerstories Theatre. Her first vision for the theatre came in 1998 as she crossed the Wyoming border on a bicycle journey across America. When she returned home, Powerstories Theatre was born. She continues to be passionate about sharing true stories on stage that engage, connect, and inspire. Fran has directed many plays for the Powerstories stage and has written eleven plays featuring women’s stories. She has a BA in Theatre from Fontbonne University and an MS in Education from USF.

In 2010, Fran and Powerstories were awarded the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award from First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House for their Girlstories Leadership Theatre program for rising 6th-8th grade girls.

In June 2023, the intimate space on Kennedy Blvd. that Fran and her team have called home for many years is being demolished to make way for apartment high-rises. Fran is working with the community to find another home, with the goal of creating the first theatre center for the telling of true stories.

Powerstories Mission:

Our vision is that Powerstories Theatre will be the worldwide leader in seeking, sharing, and staging true stories giving special emphasis on works by and for women and girls. In the speaking and honoring of these true stories of great learning, performers and audiences alike receive a powerful gift – the validation that they are living a unique, valuable life. Powerstories vitally connects people with each other, and helps inspire and motivate positive contributions to the world.

Project July 2023: Voices of Women Theatre Festival July 17-23, 2023

The digital, view-on-demand festival showcases three local and three national playwrights to a global audience. The festival is a combination of full-length and short plays.

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