Professional Auditions for Jobsite Theater

With the 2020 Unified Auditions indefinitely postponed, Bay area theatre companies are coming up with alternative means by which to audition performers for their upcoming seasons. TTB will try to keep you apprised of these as they come in.
First up: Jobsite Theater
Jobsite is accepting virtual auditions up until  JUNE 19. If you are not an ensemble member you must submit in order to be considered for their 2020/2021 season. Note: They are not casting a musical outside of the ensemble this year, so no songs, please. 
From their site:
Auditions  must follow the following guidelines:

  • Write with a statement of interest including a link to the video audition, attaching a *single PDF file* of a current headshot and resume.
    • Please ensure that the  filename contains the name of the applicant, eg “Jane-Doe-resume.pdf” or “AmiriBaraka-actor.pdf.”
    • Please do not attach separate headshot and resume files. JPGs, PNGs, Pages or Word files, etc will not be accepted nor will files not marked clearly with the applicant’s name. 
  • The link to the video audition should point to an unlisted/private YouTube or Vimeo URL.
    • The audition may be a single monologue no longer than 2 minutes, or 2 contrasting monologues no more than 3 minutes. 
    • Please do not include a song in lieu of a monologue. We are not casting a musical from the general public.
    • If you are interested in being considered for Henry V, one of the monologues must be from Shakespeare (including sonnets).
    • Please, do not send links to Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc or directly attach video files to the email.
  • Audition submissions that do not conform to the above guidelines will not be reviewed.

Jobsite is casting Liza Birkenmeier’s  Dr. Ride’s American Beach House, Jeffrey Hatcher’s  Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Shakespeare’s  Henry V, Anthony Burgess’  A Clockwork Orange, and Robert Askins’  Hand to God. All roles are currently available.  Learn more about the plays here

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