Powerstories Theatre is Casting Steel Magnolias by Robert Harding

Powerstories Theatre (Tampa, FL) is casting Steel Magnolias by Robert Harding. The play is a heartwarming comedy-drama about the bond among a group of Southern women working and visiting a beauty parlor in northwest Louisiana.

Powerstories Theatre: 2105 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33606 – https://powerstories.com/

Rehearsal Dates: Evenings and weekends August 15-September 14, 2022

Performance Dates: September 15-October 2, 2022

Compensation: Non-union, actor stipend


How to Audition:

Option 1:            Attend the Theatre Tampa Bay Unified Auditions, Saturday June 18

Option 2:            Audition at Powerstories Theatre, Saturday June 25

  • Prepare a one-minute contemporary monologue
  • Complete the google form with headshot and resume no later than Thursday, June 23. https://forms.gle/TxfyToBvjXF8WDkb9
  • Powerstories will contact you to schedule your audition time

Note: You do not need to attend both sets of auditions to be considered.

Callbacks will be held between June 26 and July 9, dates and times to be announced.


Character Breakdowns (6f)

Truvy – 40ish. Owns the town beauty shop, Warm and vivacious, knows everyone’s business and

shares it with anyone who will listen. Dispenses advice with lots of hairspray and maintains there’s no such thing as natural beauty.


Annelle – 20’s. Newly arrived in town and struggling to get by, Annelle is Truvy’s new assistant stylist. She is shy, private, and creative. During the play she transforms from unsure to wild to religious.

Clairee – 60ish. Elegant, sophisticated, socially confident, a grand dame. As the widow of the former mayor, she is an expert at playful deflection when things get too serious. She has a dry, conspiratorial, sense of humor. Longtime friend of Ouiser.

Shelby – 25ish. Prettiest girl in town. Loves pink, works as a pediatric nurse, and seeks a romantic and conventional married life. Strong willed and passionate in her pursuit of her vision of happiness, Shelby refuses to let her diabetes hold her back. Butts heads with her mother, M’Lynn.

M’Lynn – 50ish. Shelby’s mother. A much-loved member of the community, M’Lynn is a wife and mother and works as a mental health counselor. She is fiercely protective of Shelby. Strong and stubborn, M’Lynn is the heart of the piece.

Ouiser (“Weezer”) – 60ish. Curmudgeon, survivor of two unsatisfactory marriages, dog lover and gardener, she is bitter and annoyed most of the time, tough, eccentric, and “richer than God”.  Longtime friend of Clairee.


*Note: Characters are from a fairly well-to-do small town in Louisiana and speak with gentle Southern accents. Accents are not required at the first round of auditions but will be required at callbacks.

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