Early Bird Dinner Theater Auditions for Beau Jest

Beau Jest is a warm-hearted comedy about Sarah Goldman, a

girl who doesn’t think her traditional Jewish parents will

respond favorably to her boyfriend, a gentile guy named Chris.

So what’s a nice girl to do, but create a fictional Jewish doctor

as her imaginary beau and hire a male escort to play him in

front of the family? The escort service sends Bob, and out-ofwork

actor who more than fits the bill. Her charade, however, is

a little too successful and Sarah starts falling for the fake.

Early Bird Dinner Theatre is happy to

announce auditions for James Sherman’s

hit romantic comedy Beau Jest,

directed by Jessica Burchfield.

Director Jessica Burchfield is seeking:

Sarah Goldman — late 20s to mid 30s

Chris, boyfriend — late 20s to late 30s

Bob, her actor/escort — late 20s to late 30s

Joel, her brother — late 20s to late 30s

Miriam, her mother — ROLE HAS BEEN CAST

Abe, her father — 50-plus


September 11-October 24, 2022

Thursday & Saturday: @ 11:00

Thursday-Sunday: @ 4:00

September 11-

October 24, 2022 July 11, 6pm

All actors paid per-performance stipend

Early Bird Dinner Theatre

13355 49th Street N

Clearwater, FL 33762

Contact Jessica for more information:


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