Early Bird Dinner Theater Auditions

Early Bird Dinner Theater will be auditioning for Centennial Casting, directed by Kagey Good. 

Produced by Sue Linardos, on Sunday, August 29 at 6pm.  The theater is located on the corner of Ullmerton and 49th Street inside Banquet Masters.

1. Vincent Didonato- Unattached and unevolved. Would like to find love but feels as if all his efforts will come to naught.  Blue collar Brooklynite.
2. Doo-DooShop foreman. Vinnie’s oldest friend,  see’s himself as an idea man, bit of a slick willy.
3. Carmine- A welder. Emotional, whiny. He is always crying or on the verge of tears. 

This is a broad comedy. Think THE HONEYMOONERS meet MOONSTRUCK!   Rehearsals begin Sept 13.  The show runs from Oct 30 to Dec 12.

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