American Stage Romeo and Juliet Auditions

Romeo and Juliet in America (The One with the Happy Ending)

By Williams Shakespeare

Adapted by L. Peter Callender and Kristin Clippard


Rehearsals: June 21 – July 22, 2021

Run: July 22 – August 1, 2021 (2 weeks)


American Stage is seeking 6 actors to perform outdoors at Williams Park in downtown St. Petersburg, FL. L. Peter Callender will be directing with an approach that explores the Capulet and Montague divide through the lens of contemporary prejudices and bias. Diversity in casting will be a priority and most performers will play multiple roles. And yes, the ending will be a bit different than the traditional one! 

The production will rehearse indoors at American Stage and be conducted safely according to our We Will Return Safely Plan. This includes mask wearing, covid testing and a vaccinated production team. Participants will need to sign a safety waiver agreeing to these conditions. American Stage Members will be able to watch this performance virtually in the days following the live performances, so it will be recorded for this purpose. Our AEA agreement is pending at this time. We are considering both union and non union actors. All performers will be paid a salary or stipend. 

Audition Guidelines

Please prepare two short monologues (around 2-3 minutes total) from the play that show contrasting character types, as each actor will play more than one character. We encourage actors to show expressive and engaging choices that showcase their physicality and language capabilities. We are seeking energetic actors who make active choices for an outdoor venue and can transform into a variety of characters.

We are accepting video submissions only through April 27. Callbacks will be held online via Zoom between May 3-13 by invitation only. To submit a video, please fill out the Audition Form  and include video link and passwords there, as well as your headshot and resume.

Cast Breakdown

Role 1 – Juliet (Female identifying, Any Race or Ethnicity)

Age Range 14-20 (also plays other roles as assigned)

Role 2 – Romeo (Male identifying,  Any Race or Ethnicity)

Age Range 14-20 (also plays other roles as assigned)

Role 3 – Mercutio (Any Gender, Race or Ethnicity)

Age Range 17-27 (also plays other roles as assigned)

Role 4 – Tybalt, Lord Capulet (Male Identifying, Any Race or Ethnicity)

Age Range 30-50  (also plays other roles as assigned)

Role 5 – Nurse, Lady Montague (Female identifying, Any Race or Ethnicity)

Age Range 40-60  (also plays other roles as assigned)

Role 6 – Benvolio, Friar Lawrence  (Any Gender, Race or Ethnicity)

Age Range 20-35 (also plays other roles as assigned)


This bold and modern retelling of Shakespeare’s most romantic tragedy imagines how two young lovers, caught in the middle of their feuding families, might meet a different fate. Through party crashing, street fights and clandestine encounters, the plot twists and turns toward a stunning new conclusion where love may just conquer all.


Actors must be COVID vaccinated and be comfortable with in-person work. They must be able to abide by all health and safety guidelines. Please submit a copy of your headshot & resume along with your video link.

Questions can be addressed to

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