2020 Tony Awards will be replaced by GREASE Sing-a-Long

by Trish Parry

For the first time in 73 years, the iconic Tony Awards have been postponed indefinitely – but never fear! On June 7th at 8:30pm, a sing-a-long version of the movie/musical Grease will air in its place.
Will this be an event that captures the nations imagination? Or, like the recent streaming of Phantom of the Opera, will we discover that Grease doesn’t hold up in 2020?
I LOVED Phantom when I saw it on Broadway in 2002. But watching PotO when it streamed last month, I discovered a thin plotline, bad characters, and plenty of #metoo to go around. Why is Raoul so entitled? Why is Christine such a weak female lead? 
So how will Grease, a well-intentioned film about casting off society’s expectations, hold up today? All we have to do is think of, as sexy as he might be, Danny Zuko pressuring Sandy for sex. This is altogether too similar to Hans Solo pressing Leia against the wall and kissing her against her will, a scene that is frequently called out as a prime example of how boys have been brought up to take advantage of women.
Personally, I haven’t abandoned the Star Wars saga, and I doubt I will abandon this musical either. It’s tongue and cheek fun. Although growing up, I was a bit more of a Crybaby girl. Which, if you haven’t seen, you definitely should.
Join the discussion about Grease after the airing on the TTB Facebook group.

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