Natalie Feldman

Name: Natalie Feldman Professional Areas: Actor, writer Email Address: ntfeldman@hotmail.com Brief Bio: 54 yo white female 5’2” 120lbs who hates to exercise but does it anyway, has two teen-agers still at home and an overly complicated family that no-one really wants to hear about… a financial analyst by trade, I’m harboring a few scripts I’ve …

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Martin Lebron

Martin Lebron Actor, Writer, Audio, Video, Photo Email: khasmadeign@gmail.com Download Resume Martin trained in theatre and music at Brevard Community College and USF. He know has returned to Tampa looking to be an integral part of the theatre and music community.

Thom Mesrobian

Resume Thom grew up working in his fathers community theatre company in Hattiesburg, MS. After performing with companies throughout the south east, Thom worked as in actor in the Orlando theme parks for eleven years as well as with professional companies like Mad Cow Theatre and Conerstone theatre. Thom lives in Lakeland and now works …

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David Jankiewicz, actor

David Jankiewicz

Actor, Singer, Dancer, Director, Writer, Choreographer » download resume Attending the Philadelphia University of the Arts, David earned his Degree in Dance and started his professional career in local Philadelphia Theatres. He studied acting with William Hickey at the Herbert Berghoff Studios in New York City and received voice training in a variety of styles. …

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Erica Garraffa

Actor resume Facebook Erica Garraffa began her acting career at the ripe old age of four, and has maintained an obsession with performing (and probably the same maturity level) ever since. Some of Erica’s favorite past roles include Diana in Lend Me A Tenor, and Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Erica is also …

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Dewey Davis-Thompson

Playwright/Director/Producer Davis-Thompson.com An Interlochen Arts Academy alumnus and regional representative of the Dramatists Guild of America, Dewey has written and produced many plays, including the manic 60 second play Lovers’ Quorum, a romp with the classics in Ganymede, the true story of an abdicating Gasparilla Queen, science fiction horror stories The Manatee’s Tale of Extinction …

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