Natalie Feldman

Name: Natalie Feldman

Professional Areas: Actor, writer

Email Address:

Brief Bio: 54 yo white female 5’2” 120lbs who hates to exercise but does it anyway, has two teen-agers still at home and an overly complicated family that no-one really wants to hear about… a financial analyst by trade, I’m harboring a few scripts I’ve never released and, I’m interested in playing emotionally fragile women or old hag roles so I can be the woman my ex-husband thinks I am. Wry sense of humor. I’m not yet professional… Truly no one has ever purchased a ticket to see my performances, they have been free for years. But, I am looking forward to opportunities, constructive criticism (and if necessary complete humiliation.) Historically on the house side of entertainment but looking to move backstage. Oh, I have a degree in fashion design and studied history of costume if anyone can put that to good use.