Professional Member Benefits

Unified Auditions

Only TTB members can participate in our auditions.  Here’s the process.
  1. Join TTB or Renew Your Membership.
  2. Create or Update your TTB Listing
  3. Register for Open Auditions
1. Join Theatre Tampa Bay as a new Professional Member or renew your membership if it has lapsed.  You can join for one year at a time, or be charged annually. Read about benefits.
Annual Charge $35
One Time Charge $35
2. Prepare Your Theatre Tampa Bay Professional Member Listing. New members, please use this form  to get your listing started.  Be sure to attach your head shot and a PDF resume, as well as a brief bio and your role(s) in the community. Use this form to send in updates of your head shots, PDF resume or other items to edit or add to your profile.  Do you have a YouTube video or photos from productions?  Send multimedia directly to 3. Register for your place in the Theatre Tampa Bay Unified Auditions. Now you are all clear to register for the Unifieds.  Click here!