Theatre Professionals in West Florida

Jeff Norton Dream Grant

Jeff Norton Dream Grant for Professional Theatre Artists Theatre Tampa Bay, the alliance of the region’s professional theatre artists & organizations, is proud to announce the creation of an annual, unrestricted grant for theatre artists. In the memory of the late artist and teacher, Jeff Norton, whose immeasurable impact on the Bay area theatre scene is still being felt, TTB is deliberately keeping the grant criteria broad and the application simple.We wish to encourage artists to dream “If I only had $500, I would…”

The funds are totally unrestricted and may be used for any kind of project including production, education, and travel or to purchase equipment.

Applicants should submit by August 1st, 2017:

•A single-page narrative explaining how the funds will be used and the effect of the grant on his or her work as a theatre artist. The narrative should use one-inch margins and a 12-point sans serif uncondensed typeface such as Arial or Helvetica.
The top line should list the artist’s name, email, and phone, preferably a cell number.
•A current theatrical resume.

Please attach both items, saved as .pdfs, to an e-mail with the SUBJECT: Norton Dream Grant 2017 and send to:

A panel of judges representing the ttb Theatres will select the most compelling narrative. The panel will be comprised of at least five members including the ttb Board President, one ttb Theatre Artistic Director and one ttb Member Actor. Panel will include at least one representative from each side of the Bay. If there is no consensus, the recipient will be selected by a simple majority of the panel.

The grant recipient will be announced as part of the ttb Awards Nominee Announcement Party.

Within 30 days of the end of the grant period, the artist should submit a brief impact statement, not to exceed one page.

Jeff Norton Dream Grant Recipients 2015

Tatiana Baccari
The BRCA Project
This interview and research-based play aims to explore the devastating emotional and physical effects of the BRCA genetic mutation for breast and ovarian cancer. It looks through the eyes of the many people in Tampa Bay’s Jewish community that the mutation touches: an oncologist, a mother and her daughters, a rabbi, a husband, a friend. There are many stories to tell.

Matthew Belopavlovich
Yellowish Blue & Pink
A clown holds a mirror up to society and reveals truth through comedy. Based upon true stories of the local LGBT community, this clown-theatre project is a direct commentary on the biblical arguments that are made against gay rights.