Perfect Arrangement

February 16, 2019 @ 2:00 pm
freeFall Theatre
Perfect Arrangement @ freeFall Theatre

by Topher Payne

The year is 1950, and two couples have found the perfect arrangement. Bob and Millie are married; so are Jim and Norma. But behind closed doors, these marriages of convenience merely hide the fact that Bob is with Jim, and Norma is with Millie. But when Bob and Norma (career public servants at the State Department) are tasked with rooting out “deviants and homosexuals” in their ranks, shenanigans and moral dilemmas abound. Inspired by the true story of the earliest stirrings of the gay rights movement, Topher Payne’s play is a smart and stylish comedy about standing up for what is just and finding oneself on the right or wrong side of history.

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Michael Miller & Robert Jenkins

Kate Tiedemann & Ellen Cotton

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