Ellen M. Registrato

I performed in the Women’s Work all-female ensemble series by Monica Bishop-Steele at the Shimberg Playhouse (Girls Thinking Out Loud, Shakespeare Had A Sister, and The Wind Beneath Her Wings) from 2000-2002, and received straight superiors on Individual Monologue and Duet performances at the Tampa Thespian Festival 2002. I was in the chorus of a production of Godspell (2001), and played Dr. Livingstone in Agnes of God in 2002 (Plant High School productions). I have no formal acting training. I haven’t had any experience doing theater in over 15 years. I’d like to attend some workshops and get feedback from a professional to see if I really have the talent to be an actor. I’m planning on attending the Unified auditions in June so I would like to as much workshopping as I can before then.