Alexa Taylor Lowrey

Actor, Singer




Professional Areas: Musical Theatre/Voice/Acting/Dance

Alexa is currently a 4.0 GPA senior at Tampa Preparatory School and attended Broadway Dreams in Atlanta in the summer of 2018-19 to study with New York artists under the direction of Gordon Greenberg. She will also be attending Wagner College on Staten Island New York for their summer MTI. Alexa is continuously involved in musicals and plays portraying lead characters and receiving recognition for her characters with awards from school, the Florida Theatre Conference, Thespians, NATS, and Patel Conservatory.
Alexa has professional credits from Film and has appeared on TV. She sings professionally with Orchestras, including The North Port Symphony, various venues singing The U.S. National Anthem, and currently works as various characters and princesses with Magical Parties by Gwen.