Agile Rascal Theatre Workshop March 8

Come learn new theatre techniques with Agile Rascal Bicycle Touring Theatre and have a small cameo in their new play, Good Time Pedalers’ Preservation Carnival. 

Our community storytelling workshop in Tampa on Friday, March 8th at 4pm will incorporate music and physical theater exercises.  The focus of the storytelling will be placed-based memory and connection to the environment. 

Agile Rascal — The country’s only theatre company that tours by bicycle — will be performing FOR FREE at 7pm on Friday, March 8th at Silver Meteor Gallery.

   The premise of our show involves a bicycle touring carnival that travels the flooded Florida landscape in 2100, bringing rides, music, and a celebration of the convenience and consumerism of our fossil-fueled past.  Our style of theatre is inventive, funny, and musical with an environmental bent. Our latest work was created as the artists-in-residence in the Everglades National Park.  Our Florida tour will take us over 6 weeks and cover over 1000 miles, as we carry our costumes, props and set pieces on our bicycles, and perform in 15 cities and towns across the state. 

Here’s a link to rsvp for the workshop.