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Aeon Life Theater is a semi-professional theater company whose mission is to engage its audience to come and experience a new form of reality or idea through its various productions and events.

Our goal is to open a dialogue, whether a soliloquy or outward discussion, that moves the individual to a deeper understanding of human nature.

Silliness teaches about absurdity; imagination about possibilities; heartbreak about understanding.

Sometimes it’s weird, sometimes it’s ridiculous, and sometimes it speaks directly to the piece of you long forgotten.

 What’s behind the name?

Aeon [eh-uh n, ee-on]  noun

Plato used the word “aeon” to denote the eternal world of ideas, which he conceived was “behind” the perceived world, as demonstrated in his famous Allegory of the Cave.

Theater is the collaborative art form that utilizes live performers and stagecraft to present the experience of a real or imagined event and engage an active audience to come to a new understanding.

Broadway producer Hal Luftig, who’s won four Tonys and an Olivier award, explains why there’s no entertainment experience in the world quite like live theater:

“It’s live, you’re live, they’re live. They’re feeding off you, you’re feeding off them. And an audience senses that. And that is an added value.

And I don’t really care how technology pushes us forward. There’s never going to be anything like sitting in a theater with a hundred or a thousand people around you laughing, crying, doing all those emotional things that hopefully good theater will do for you.”

We are never “just” anything. Be greater!

Come celebrate the Life of Ideas and the Ideas of Life with Aeon Life Theater!

About and Mission

Founded June 2015
Mission:  To celebrate Life through storytelling, community involvement and personal growth.