NaTasha McKeller

Name: NaTasha McKeller

Professional Areas: Actress, Singer, Voice-Over

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Brief Bio:
NaTasha was born in Queens, New York where she began singing and performing at a young age. NaTasha moved to Florida to continue her education and pursue musical theater. Shes performed in numerous church and community theater productions. NaTasha believes in giving back so outside of performing she is a mentor and tutor to teens in her community. She performs regularly in community events especially those created to uplift and bring awareness. NaTasha states “I love music & I love what music allows me to do, It’s deeper than just performing: its’s giving back. I put into the world what is needed songs of truth, inspiration, encouragement, joy, love and soul. I do it to uplift people’s soul, help them relax, forget their worries & groove out so they truly enjoy themselves and CELEBRATE LIFE & LIVING. NaTasha is thankful for her daughter McKenzie London, her mother, siblings, family and friends for their love, support and unceasing prayers which encouraged her to follow her dreams.